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"Pars Management Records"

Pars Music School was established in 1985 by Naser Nazar.

The above-mentioned began music since early childhood in 1972 by participating in Orff classes at Kids and Teenagers Organization.

Thence in 1976, he picked the Clarinet and the Piano, training at the National Iranian Radio and Television workshop.
Thus, teaching Orff music was initiated in 1989. Following that, he went on to establish the Orff Teachers' Group in 1986 and further in 1990 ,establishing Pars Orchestra and Pars Chorus group, concurrently has been standing ever since in Fajr Universal Festival as well as International Children's Day ,not to mention acting positively in various other occasions, ending the school, receiving umpteen prizes.

Naser Nazar founded the first Teenage Symphony Orchestra in 1992, during which time, due to the necessity of learning music, he published the book: “The World of happiness”, along with its respective CD and the related songs. Two years later, it was followed by giving out yet another CD, named: "The Peti Song for Awakeness".

Naser Nazar was trained for conducting the Orchestra by late Mr. Heshmatollah Sanjari in 1995, which lead him further in his experience, regarding conducting at Master Class, taught by Mr. Shoemakher in Switzerland.
In the past few years, Naser Nazar participated in many seminars as well as International Master Class which as follows:

a. AOSA International Conference in California and Alabama in 2004 and  2005 respectively.
b. AOSA Conference and Orff Master Class, held in Nebraska, USA,  2006.
c. VOSA Mosaic Conference, Melbourne, Australia, 2008.
d. ISME Conference, Bologna, Italy, 2008.
e. AOSA Master Class and Conference, Milwaukee, USA, 2009.
f. OSASA Conference, Australia, VOSA, January, 2010.
g. Orff-Schulwerk Forum, Salzburg, Austria 2010
h. Orff-Schulwerk Forum, Salzburg,July 2011
I. ISME Conference, Tehssaloniki, Greece, 2012.

Among other activities, it is of significance, training the interested music teachers in Tehran and other respective provinces. Consequently, Pars Music School was able to achieve a distinction for the institute as well as an Appreciation Trophe.



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